Nadieh Martens
Artist in Holland
Paints, Draws, Sings and plays Guitar.

Graduated as an illustrator from Academy Minerva in Groningen.

Currently I work Alone at my house and am setting up my plans for the things I want to do with Art and Music. Meanwhile I am studying Webdesign to broaden my horizon!!

points, points, points


zo, hehe, die is af, net op tijd. Nu alles bij mekaar zoeken en alvast inpakken. Morgen de eendaagse expo ophangen waar dit nieuwe werk ook te bewonderen is !! Alles is te koop, dus mocht je er vragen over hebben bericht me of kom even langs! 

<3  a work from quite a while ago, I believe in the end of 2011. Still like it !!  
Made a fresh new pencil design wicht i wasn’t that thrilled about, but decided I would fool around in photoshop with it anyhow… Kinda like it and MAYBE i’ll use it as an businesscard. I’ll see.. For now i need to go into my books again for my webdesign study <3 <3 
Sketching day <3
older work, still love it <3 
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Design for a set of cards i’m selling next week.